New uniform solution

In our house we have laundry baskets, laundry piles, unfolded laundry.. mmmm

Anyway with both the kids at the same school this year, there is enough that at the end of ever week I can do a uniform wash. But what has been happening is they have been putting their laundry in with their other clothes.

So at the end of the week to find the school uniforms I am digging through both of their boxes to find the uniforms so they can be washed together..

I know this has taken me an entire term to think of this.. But Rome wasnt built in a day…

I have brought them both for $5.50 from Woolies.. A new basket to go in the corners of their rooms. Our laundry bags are in the actual laundry, where as I am going to trial these in their rooms for uniforms only..




Uniform shorts, tops, dresses, socks and knickers/jocks… All in these baskets..

Then at the end of the week it is both the baskets in the machine and the washing is done!

Sometimes it is the sorting, sifting, seperating that makes the job forgotten where as this way it will be be a much simplier process..

Do you keep uniforms seperate from other clothes?


5 thoughts on “New uniform solution

  1. I have a separate basket for my husbands uniforms – do you think I can get him to use it? Gah! Definitely the worst part of laundry. No actually, the worst part is checking my husbands pockets…

  2. Oooh I love this idea! I actually only have 3 uniforms for my boy in prep so I have to do a mid-week sift through the other clothes to find them to wash. Why didn’t I think of this?! Thanks!

  3. Great idea! I did start out with great intentions at the start of the year and kept the uniforms seperate, but they have been swallowed by the masses of other washing.

    I think I will have to follow your lead and do this too.

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