Day 9 – 30×5 Organize-athon

This was the BEST way to start the new week – especially with tasks to catch up on. DONE!!

Day 9 – Organise your Laundry

The very nice part about this is that I am starting to feel that I have ticked some boxes in Getting Sorted. Some times you do things that are in place people dont see or behind cupboards where people dont look, while the immediate area is still some what out of control. This makes you feel some times that you are taking one step forward and 2 steps back…. especially when the kids are around…..

But my Laundry is DONE !!! Infact I would even go to the extreme to say that at the moment this is my BEST room in the house. I know this should be maybe the bedroom where you have your own haven … NO, or the kitchen where you cook up yummy meals… NO, or the Lounge room where you relax… NO – it is my Laundry. I guess it nice to not have things hidden in there or piles that need to be sorted through.

Here is my Laundry Post if you have not seen it.

Hows your Laundry going ??


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