Book of Knowledge (BOK) Checklist Step 7

Short post today to make sure it is all coming together for you. Once you have created your pages for step 5 & step 6 then make sure you do another diver page and label this one Weekly and have these in behind it. This section is then also complete.

Book Of Knowledge

Step 1 – Put things together to make a Book Of Knowledge

Daily Routines
Step 2 – Before Bed Routine
Step 3 – Morning Routine
Step 4 – Afternoon Routine

Step 5 – Weekly Routine
Step 6 – Weekly Plan

You can pick this up and start this at any stage, as the Flylady will say – You are never behind.
Take this all in Babysteps and you will start to put it all together slowly but surely..

FlyLady – Step 7


3 thoughts on “Book of Knowledge (BOK) Checklist Step 7

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