No alarm needed in this house

Last night we had dinner at our friends house who we havent caught up with for several weeks, since well before the holidays. They have a daughter in our daughters year and a son in our sons year and a younger one. There are fights and giggles, tears and laughter always in the same night when we get together as 2 families.


Last night when it was time to go the normal begging to stay began.. Miss 7 has tried to sleep there a couple of times but has ended in tears and midnight collections. Last time she called me on their phone in tears without either mum and dad knowing…. I guess it is good that she knows her home number.. But I then had to call back to wake the house as she wanted to go home :S

I remember I never use to like sleeping away from home and when I was little and I would call home to ask if I could sleep the night. I would always changed the conversation my end and confuse my parents..
Oh ok mum, I will see you soon when you come and get me…. I would say down my end of the phone…

So while the girls were organising their sleep over Mr5 & his 5 friend hopped in our car and buckled up their seat belts ready to head to our place. This was this fellas first time away but he was super keen….

So a story was read & they both fell asleep in a heart beat after deciding to sleep Top & Tail in the same bed…. What ever works and makes you feel at ease I say..

By 5.30AM! I didnt even get the think of the success, as I was woken to 2 giggly cheeky boys, playing with the puppy and running through the house…
So by 6am I told them both to jump in the pool and have some fun.. Lucky we live in the tropics.

Dried, reclothed and comfy on the lounge they are now watching cartons…

Yeah to our success here and to also not having to do a midnight run to save our daughter as I didnt hear from her… So she survived also!


Saturday Juggle

For the last 2 terms, Saturdays have been a hellish juggle.
We have survived it but with both Dancing & Soccer on at the same time I have been torn.


soccer vs dance.... the juggle

Fortunately I have a good friend whos daughter dances with ours & whos son signed up with our son for soccer.
So we have done the shared kids, shared activities for the last 2 terms.
Sometimes I do both, sometimes I do just one.
We have been known to kids swap at the front door on some days.
I also have the best family as sometimes Aunty comes, some times grandma comes..
With our own business it is hard to put my husband on kid duty but we got there..

So this morning it is just the dancing queen to get sorted. 1 child with activities. No extra drop offs, pick ups, no extra equipment like shin pads or team hats.
Just one little young girl who can wear anything she likes.

As a parent we try and do the best for our kids which some time causes the world of mayhem and organising for us but we get there.
I must say the juggle was all worth it when seeing our little boy get his first soccer trophy and the huge smile on his face to place it in our cabnet next to his dads…
So today I am grateful that soccer season is finished.. What are you grateful for today?

This makes life worth living

Today one of the kids teachers had some very unfortunate news, a family member had passed away and so at short notice today was her last day of term.

I had secretly been planning with the kids in the class as well as a few mums that we would have a surprise Happy Birthday on Friday afternoon for her as her birthday is during the school holidays.

The kids had all coloured in a cardboard person to look like them and I had collected them to make a card on Monday. Luckily this morning they were still on the dash of my car. Another mum was going to bake a cake..

When I heard this terrible news I decided that I needed to give her some happiness before she left. So I got the cardboard to make the card, stickers & glue and made it very clear to our Business Manager and Parts Manager that this was my MOST important job this morning and once finished I could do my real job.


This is the inside of the card, each student wrote their names across their chest.

I also made a quick call to our chef mum, cake baker and she didnt think twice in agreeing to make a cake for today. It was made with love and looked amazing… But tasted better. Even at such late notice one of the mums made it in as well, so there were a few of us there.

So even though this lady is traveling 12 hours tomorrow, attending a funeral Thursday and then 12 hours home on Friday, she smiled, giggled and got the BEST group hug from her students… As soon as she opened the card all the kids rushed up to see where THEY were in the card, which was a great moment.

These are the things that make life worth living….

Things I know… 16th September 2012

Here is what I know lately

I know that sometimes I feel too old too dance
Having just done our Term 3 dance concert today, sometimes I think I am younger than I am. It was Tribal, this term, but my description was Rave. Pumped up EXTREME energy like no other, sweat pouring, breath taking type super high energy dance. It was Where have you been Rhianna. This term I felt every bit my 38 & infact there were moments during this term where I could not move from my breathless flat position on the floor. Today this dance was thumped out hard. I felt like I was the old dog trying to keep up with the pup. I was up there, dont get me wrong…. But oh boy oh boy did it kill me… I guess some people go to gym, some people play tennis….. I dance!

I know you can never have too much glitter
Today we all shone and sparkled in the sun light. It was like we were all part of the Cullan Vampire Clan. When we returned home there were sparkles to be seen every where, on bench tops, on the tiles and on the clothes to be washed… It is the fun part of dance.

I do know that Glitter spray should never be mistaken for Impulse spray
This morning while in a hurry to do scgool drop off and get to work on time, I reach for what I thought was my under arm spray only seconds later as the air filled with the tiny sparkly particles that at close range to my arm pit headed in ALL direction, realised that it was the wrong can! It had covered my arm pit as well as my clothes…..
So my rush, became rushier….. Off with that top, scrubbed my arm pit with the face cloth and found another top to wear…. Completely frazzled I had a VERY BAD NOT HAPPY JAN glitter moment!

I know that having a medicine plan helps me feel good
I have put a few key things in place, here are some of my secrets
1. I always ensure that I have a few single tablets in my wallet for the mornings that I forget my medication… As it is the moment you forget, that is the moment you start to feel shit.. So I always have back up.
2. I keep my medication and my scripts in with my morning coffee cups.. Coffee tablet.. Easy.
3. In the same place I keep my scripts, so I know where they are.
4. When I get a script filled I also do 2 scripts at once so I have back up.

These are a few things I know this week..

Tantrums & Tiaras


What a morning!

Dress rehearsals are normally a huge week for us but with my niece not teaching this term it was quite easy compared to some terms were 5 of us have danced! Miss 7 normally struggles with the hair and make up department, but after heated tempers it simmers down.
We were ahead of time and even did my nieces makeup before we tried to head off.

Isnt it always the little things that tip the balance…..
Today it was LEG WARMERS! Yeap you are reading it right! Born in the early 70’s, I was part of life that made Leg Warmers IN!
I put them on Miss and the argument about where to wear them began!
Apparently in the modern 7 year old world you pull them all the way up!

Then the refusal of photographs, the frowns, the stares, the stomping off to the cubbyhouse and the tears began.

Rehearsals are the only time that photos can be taken, so I made it very clear that I would happily do a complete photo ban if that was the request & not even take the camera with me. Not 1 photo was taken. On a normal rehearsal with the 3 of us dancing it is on average 50-100 photos per dance that are taken between us… We are good clickers…!

So by the time I had the Princess in the car and arrived at rehearsals she was still bubbling.. So I let her do her thing and sat back. There were mums in our group who were quite shocked by what was looking like MY tantrum.. Instead I didnt even watch her dance. I sat with the younger brothers at the back of the hall and watched the Lorax. Seeming completely disinterested… Which is not the case.

I understand that we are very close to the end of term and that there is plenty of tiredness around.
Yet I am also tired of the rudeness that was to me, grandad and anyone else who she could cast her glare at and stomp past…

We are now home and I have made it very clear there is no television today and that she needs to say sorry for her actions….
No mac Donalds as planned just home made sandwiches and at the moment a very quiet house…
Sometimes sticking to your word and following through is the hardest part…

The Reality of Motherhood

Tonight on my Facebook page I wrote out my resignation to our kids. A number of reasons triggered this but here are a few that brings home the reality of Motherhood with out the fairy dust & sparkly shine of the happy times.


I wish I was the one always asking what was for dinner.
Having someone care for my dietary needs & cook for me.
Know what was to be served, smelt it cooking, yet when it is served up, changed my mind. Thinking that I have my own live in chef to suit my desires and tastes.

I wish I could, even though endlessly asked to put my clothes in the wash baskets, could spread out my outfit from the front door, right through to the pool gate…
Oh yeah ensuring that my socks are taken off at different ends of the house, making that sock pairing even more challenging.

I wish that I could wait till the 3rd, 4th or even 5th time of being asked to do something before it really needed to be done.

I wish I could endlessly complain about how little my sibling does. Or fight endlessly with my sibling, always blaming them for starting it.

Oh yeah….. And bed time… I wish firstly that I was TOLD to go to bed early as I wouldnt argue. But agruing about going to bed seems to be sooooooo much fun. Then dont forget it is my given right to be as grumpy as all in the morning as I am sooooo tired and so I will make getting ready for school a nightmare.

And dont go there about the telly…. Firstly I would like to just watch one entire show that I chose…. But in this house we have remote control battles and channel wars…..

Manners… Infact I wish I could be rude and say nasty things out loud instead of keeping them in my head… I wish I could be the nasty family bully instead of the children…

So yes tonight my patience is thin. My soft calm voice got angry but neither mattered…
So time out in my room for me….

So tomorrow I am taking off my Mary Poppins rosey hat and resigning.
I am sure after a really nice sleep…. Oh yes and dont even THINK of sneaking into our bed…. That I will retract this… But for tonight I am done…. This is it, I am finished……
My mummy hat is off…..

Things I know… 31 August ’12

I use to do this link some time back but lost it…

I am sooooo glad that I found it again thanks to Jac – Common Chaos Chronicles

So here are some things this week That I Know…

I KNOW You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time


Regardless of the task, no matter how bit, you will get there if you are determined enough.
It has taken 6 looooong months to buy this boat, but things go back further than that for parts of this journey. Hurdles were thrown in my way, some very easy to glide over, others felt like I was in the middle of the battle field.
I think I am now chewing the final piece of THIS elephant…. And savouring the lessons it taught me.

I KNOW Always be prepared
In part of the process of purchasing this vessel, I contact the Privacy information centre and after a good 10 weeks and many many legal forms later and mind you over $500 in fees, I purchased a FULL history from the Transport department of every piece of paper ever lodged on the building and life of our boat. During this last week the bank requested specific information that with out this folder of paperwork, I would of been unable to fax the 32 PAGES of proof that they needed…!

I KNOW You dont need to run a marathon to be exhausted
Mentally I feel like I need to sit in a padded room for some time. Have my meals brought to me, my clothes ironed (I dont iron but ironed clothes would feel lovely) and just plug in my self to recharge…. We forget the strain we put ourselves under. We forget that stress and pressure are exhausting also.

I KNOW Nobody would of been able to of brought this boat but us
With all the drama involved, all of the struggles put before us, I KNOW nobody would of put in as much effort to keep moving forward as I did to ensure that this sale went through. Many would of stopped a long way back as it became very complicated.. Not me 😉

I KNOW That my page is like my security blanket
I read many pages, follow plenty and on some I see some horrid things. I love knowing that during my struggles with life, while stepping over my clothes piles, flicking out the kids uniforms to rewear or even just trying to find a clean cup in my sink that you all get it.
I love that if I dont know how to cook something some has the answer. I dont Google anymore, infact if someone asks me something I dont know I now say… I’ll put it on my page.. Someone will know and I am grateful to you all….

Thanks Always ~ Chelle xo