Run away horse called LIFE!

We all have these days, weeks, months…
For some of us we cant even tell you how long LIFE has been like this, but for more and more people, LIFE is not slowing down.
We are cramming more in, we are trying to achieve more, we have knocked the over drive switch but havent noticed it..
Normal is now Top Speed..!


Our house has had one of these exact weeks.

I have shook out the kids uniforms, they have worn dirty socks as I CANT find clean matching socks!
We have bounced along from moment to moment.
I have even done the BEST lunches this week! A full 4 days in a row of Tuckshop sandwiches!

These things are not to feel guilt over, they are not to compare yourself to other mums about..
Infact from the outside we all look to be coping VERY well.

What makes my sandwich any different to the tuckshop ladies sandwich? I still gave them fruit snack and morning tea. What does it matter if socks are worn twice?

What matters is that as a family we have survived the week, done our reading, learnt our spelling, laughed at a movie together, shared joys together, danced together and played soccer together.

Some weeks dont go as we think they should yet we are not harmed in any way.
We have still bathed, we have still slept and hooooray….. This week we have not been sick.

As I look around our home, my kitchen is almost cleaned, there are happy play areas in the lounge where the kids have been creating stories, yet the little things have been missed..

Washing is behind and lunches this week have been different.

Sometimes you need to lower your own standards and drop your own expectations.

This week emotionally our family has crossed over some huge hurdles for our future. Somethings needed a lot of energy to get through other things were not given any energy at all.

What matters most is keeping the balance.
I am sure some of you all have days or a week as we have, dont you?


One thought on “Run away horse called LIFE!

  1. We are constantly having days like this for one reason or another. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone and I’m so glad it’s not just me who is trying to cram things into our lives.

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