Bring back the old days!

I am hearing more and more mums becoming over whelmed and not dealing with life and here is my understanding of why this is..
(Be warned, this is just my thoughts on this and it may be seen as very old fashioned!)

Over the last 40 odd years in society we have seen women step up in their roles.
As women we want to make an impact.
We want to be reconised.
We want to raise children.
We want successful careers.
We want to be equal.

In doing this we have increased our duties.
We now work more, with longer hours.
For some of us, including myself, we work right up to the birth of our children.
We then juggle life with raising kids, home businesses or working to feel our worth.
For some of us we then do the work and kids struggle.
We still clean the house, we still cook the dinner, we still look after the sports activities and birthday parties.

I am not sure in here where we ever handed over any of these tasks to become the mens?
Instead we have just taken on a shit load more.. Trying to keep our super hero status afloat and not be seen to fail.

Over the past few weeks I have had big conversations with 5-6 friends who all want the same thing..
Maybe not this dramatic but some part of the following..

Back to the Old Days..
To be home “keeping” the house while the kids are at school.
Baking treats that are warm for the kids to eat while doing home work.
To be there for school drop offs and pick ups every day.
To have the house neat and tidy with out the corporate work world pressures..
To have the kitchen sink always shining and clear.
To have the children fed and bathed ready for bed in an organised manner instead of the no time late night squeezes that occur..
To sit around drinking tea and having knitting groups, or in my case crochet…

Dont get me wrong, I am the first to step it up and prove myself in the Man World that I work in, yet part of me is more than happy on the overwhelmed enough is enough days to put on my apron and escape the pressure!
Anyone else? Or am I sounding to Stepford Wifey?

This link also gave me a giggle How to be a good housewife


6 thoughts on “Bring back the old days!

  1. Absolutely I am in!!!! This is me to a T! I have always wanted to be a wife and mother. I love the ideals of being a 50’s housewife. The only difference for me is that I will do it because I want to do it not because it’s expected of me. The moment anyone (especially the fiance) expects it the 70’s feminist steps in and speaks her mind πŸ™‚

  2. I was only just talking to hubby about this the other day, how i wish things were the way they were back in the 50’s life was so simple , people were nicer , you knew your neighbours it was just a more pleasant, calmer stress free time to live ,
    I would love to think of myself as June Cleaver even contemplated starting a blog about being a 50’s housewife πŸ˜‰

  3. As hard as it was I have been working “part-time” for the last 5 years to do all the things you described. There is a 10 year difference between my oldest and my younger two.

    I home schooled my oldest daughter during her 7th grade year and I could see the difference it made in being a “stay-at home” mom.

    In no way does my life reward this option yet living this life has brought me many rewrads. Well trained children, honor roll, constant achievements, I have more time to read thus becoming quite the counselor for many and while the kids are at school I have become a major help to the elders in my family.

    Being an old fashioned mom has showed me why things are the way they are at the schools, why children are not as respectful to ALL adults in manner in which we were and so much more.

    My biggest goal is to live this life a little more “comfortable” other than that, I have testified too many that the last 5 years of my Life has created a drastic change in me as a “whole” and me being at home taking care of my children has been a big factor in that “whole” change

  4. Hear, hear!!! I agree that women expect far too much of themselves these days. In wanting it all, we have now got too much on our plate! Bring back the old fashioned days I say!

  5. I have been a stay at home mum for 12 years now and I love it. It is the only way our house works as my husband works long hours and is away alot.

    I grew up with my Mum working full time and spent a lot of time wih my Grandma. We lived in another state when our children were little and didn’t have grandparents support so it was left up to me I guess but I like it.

    I find the only people who ever question what I am doing is other Mums, the ones working, and alot still do not understand or want to stay at home. It is funny most of their Mums didn’t work. It seems every generation seems to do the opposite.

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