DIY Wall Canvas’s

Miss 7 is growing up and has out grown the small wall pictures that hung in her room.
The owl and the pussy cat. Cute when she was 1, but soooo not good now she is 7!


We have been talking for some time about creating new canvas’s to suit her growing taste.

Music Notes…. Was the requested theme!

We also decided to make a much bigger impact so we went 4 time the size bigger. 30 x 30 cms..



I had an idea of what I wanted to create. Pink as she loves pink and of course black, for the notes… Very contrasting yet very her.

So step 1 was to cover the boards. They got 2 very thick coats of paint to begin with so we had some where to start.


Once these had dried the next part could happen.

We then chose from eBay a wall decal that would suit the size of 2 boards.
So for $15 including postage she chose her design.

This was then laid out on top of the pink boards and cut to suit.



When using decals, even on a wall, you must be patient and work slowly with time to make sure all the fiddle small parts stick on right.
With the individual music lines and notes, I just went about very slowly one evening once the kids had gone to sleep. I used a credit card to run the decal onto the painted canvas.


For the black board I used pink glitter thin foam that came in the shapes of hearts in a pack for $3. I cut out notes and hearts to make the centre different yet still linked to te theme.


There was glittery sparkles everywhere which stood out nicely on the black.




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