Cooking – Tiramisu



With yesterday being my sisters birthday & with my new cooking skills in place I thought I would see if I could surprise her with her chosen cake.
We dont “do” birthday presents & up till this year we have ALWAYS had the Cheesecake shop cheesecakes. It has been like a birthday tradition.

Of course when I asked my sister what cake she wanted and was hit with Tiramisu… I thought ok.. Mmmmmm

Fortunately in the May edition of Better Homes and Gardens mag it was there..

Looked simple enough..

Except the part that I had no idea of Brandy… Having never tasted it. As well as Mascapone… Thinking I knew where to find this but what I found was Marzipane… Mmmmmm
So after finding out that I needed to be in the cheese section… ? I found what I was after..

So Tiramisu..

I will say it is easy..

Mix a few things together.. Dip a few biscuits, layer them, whip up the creamy stuff till, stiff, layer, set.. Done..


I am hoping you can read this… If not let me know and I will type it out.

I made mine, wrapped it up and left it over night..


The next day it was perfect.
Make sure your ganache cools enough in the fridge so that it doesnt run down the sides.




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