Cooking – Rasberry mini cupcakes

I have been seeing lots of photos on Pinterest about using Natural yoghurt to cook with.
When chatting to my sister one of her kids favorite muffins was made with natural yoghurt with out them knowing yet loving them..

So yesterday I experimented!

I use to experiment before I learnt that you needed to actually read but more so follow recipes and it was awful!

So here is what I did..

1 vanilla cake mix.. 60c
1 cup of natural yoghurt
1/2 cup of frozen rasberries


I blended up the yoghurt and rasberries then added this to the dry mixture..
Placed it in the patty pans and cooked on 180 for 12 minutes..

Not too bad at all..

You could mix in the yoghurt and then swirl the fruit through but I did it all together. They are also a very nice natural pink colour..

Has anyone else done something like this? I would love to hear?


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