My Birthday Cake

Since I have started cooking this year I thought I would break our normal Cheesecake tradition and make my own cake this year.

I wanted to make something simple yet pretty..

Thanks to Betty Crocker this was so easy to do.


I made the mixture as per the packet and then seperated it into 4 bowls. To each bowl I added a few drops of colours.
Red. Pink. Purple. Yellow.

With these bowls I then added one at a time to the baking dish to create a rainbow effect when cut.


I wanted to use white kit kats around the outside but couldnt find them… So I made my own white chocolate shards..
I used pink coloured frosting, this helped keep the chocolate shars around the edge as well as the sprinkles and smarties on top.



It was perfectly pretty, pink and girly..


With the surprise rainbow inside..

What do you think of my cake?


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Cake

  1. Sad how us mom’s have to make our own cake!! Doing better then me tho. I don’t get anything. Sometimes i buy something i want but no celebration… Maybe i should step it up a bit this year? Thank you for the picture of the cake. Maybe i should celebrate a little 😉

    • Hell yeah step it up. Even if you just do the following.
      A packet vanilla mix cake cover completely in icing and cover entirely in 100’s & 1000’s!
      The kids will gasp in the grand sight of it and just for that moment it will make you smile and that second your birthday will just be about YOU!

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