How Happy Birthdays change..


That is ALMOST 40..

I started the day with a text that said..
A few years older than 21 I’m guessing!

This got me thinking about the pre kids days when birthdays were entirely your own..

Instead here is the run down on the last 24 hours..

A bank loan approved to refinance credit cards with that we have endlessly tried to get through for the last 6 months, we kept the bank manager on side by her seeing our son vomit all over the floor…
Caring for a little boy who has been spiking 40 degree temperatures after the panadol or nurofen are wearing off about the 3 hour mark each time..
A young girl who chose to take over 3 hours to go to sleep last night..

I wish I had the Go the F&ck to sleep book as I would of read it over and over again to her..

Especially when she woke her brother around the 9pm mark… Grrrrrrr

I declared after 10pm that I was cancelling my birthday, no presents, dont say Happy Birthday to me – because I am NOT HAPPY!

So this morning I was greeted with spiking temperatures to dose and a daughter who wasnt talking to me.. No good morning, no anything…


The day did get better with loads of well wishes and nice messages and phone calls.

Here are 38 things I have learnt since my last birthday

1. Never renovate
2. Money doesnt make happiness but it creates stress
3. Less is More
4. Sometimes it is a short term friend who you have the most in common with
5. You are never to old to start something new
6. If you believe you can do anything
7. The mind is one very powerful tool
8. Dont talk politics with our family
9. I have learnt to say NO
10. I love being home
11. I could toss out half the things in my house and still want for nothing
12. I have missed the practical side of Vet Nursing but not the clients..
13. I enjoy cooking/baking
14. Persistence gets you there
15. Good prevails
16. Food create memories
17. I now like Ice Tea
18. Homework is for parents also
19. You have to advocate for your kids
20. Clove oil is a great thing to use
21. To not do my own waxing
22. Recipes arent hard to follow
23. Having someone to inspire you gives you hope
24. Very few people do deals with a hand shake any more
25. When using plastic plates and cutlery buy good quality
26. Everytime I mop the floor the lawns also get mowed grrrrrrrrr
27. White is much easier to keep clean than I thought
28. Matching bra and knickers makes you feel sexy in your own soul with out others knowing
29. All kids behaviours are the same, some mums just say more about it than others
30. I love dancing more than I realised
31. Why is it so easy to increase a credit card limit yet to decrease it is like pulling teeth
32. Smart phones make you feel very dumb when you first get them
33. Kids school shoes should be made out of elastic and stretxh as they grow so fast
34. Socks should have a pairs clip for when washing
35. Lego should come with super glue
36. Barbies should come with hair detangler spray
37. I would never be 21 again
38. This year I am making it more about caring for ME


3 thoughts on “How Happy Birthdays change..

  1. Chelle,
    Happy Birthday!!
    Maybe, instead of a cake you could have an outdoor pudding fight (pudding mix, buckets, sponges – make pudding, put in buckets, soak up into sponges, throw sponge at other team or chase others with sponge full of pudding, hose everyone and everything down when finished and water fight then ensues.)

    I have been where you are and now chuckle at the absurdity of the day. Once I got up from my self-pitying, prone on the couch, near tears stance–looked at Hubby, said “It’s my birthday I’m going out for awhile.” Went to the local coffee shop with a book, had a cup of coffee, joked with the staff during my order, read the same page 5-6 times, ate the free cookie they gave me and went home with a huge send-off and well wishes from my new friends. When I got home my kids climbed into my lap and that time was the best part of my day. I felt a little better about myself and my life.

    Many blessings

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