Making my garden bigger

I was sooooo inspired by my friend and her gardening ideas that I decided to get a larger tub and expand my garden..

I have found it very good for the soul to check out your plants. Pull dead leaves off. Water and watch grow.

While watching Better Homes and Gardens a few weeks ago I saw on there that during the cooler months is the ideal time to grow strawberries.
Our son LOVES strawberries.. Infact during the holidays last year we did a family trip to the tablelands to Shaylee Strawberry farm. We all loved looking to see who had the biggest strawberry. Who could eat the most strawberries off the bushes.. Who could collect the most. To taste the freshness in their red skins was so warming..


I decided that we would give strawberries a go. My sister looked up for me what plants well with them to help them grow and to keep the bugs away, companion planting and so the collection was brought.


A nice place where the sun shines was found.


And the planting was done


Several different kinds of strawberries.. My Mother in Law says they wont grow but it wont stop us trying….
Sage, marigolds, lettuce, thyme in with our strawberries….


They were watered in and given LOVE… Now time to grow. As you can see this one is significantly bigger than the first one but we have a fair few strawberries in there to grow. I have put sugar cane mulch in there also to keep the fruit off the dirt..? Apparently this helps.. We will see…

Grow little plants grow……


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