My garden begins

It is very strange what you give out and what you get back..

Some time ago a friend of mine had her husband away and so I kindly offered to bring her kids home from school and cook her dinner. This way they would all be fed and we could have a catch up on life.

It was a great evening and dinner was great..

You dont ever do anything like this expecting some thing in return.
The following week end she checked if we were home and arrived with a huge pot, potting mix and a bunch of small plants.
She knows that I am new to cooking and so she thought that my own little herb garden would be inspiring in my experimenting with tastes..


So the beginning of my garden was started.
Capsicum, basil, parsely and marigolds to keep the bugs away..
I think there is something else in there? Starting with M…. ?

Does anyone else grow herbs in their gardens? What are your gardening secrets?


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