Cooking – EASY Ham & Cheese scrolls

I have been reading on a lot of pages lately how people have been making Ham and cheese scrolls. I must say honestly my first thought was wow that is hard work.. But then I worked out how simple they actually are..

My secret is
Pampas puff pastry
grated cheese..
Lay out your sheets of pastry and cover in ham and cheese


Roll these up nice and tight. slicing them into sections, laying them as pictured


Cook on 200 for 20 minutes

These were very easy and super yummy. In some I also put a spread of mustard with the ham and cheese.

I also made Nutella ones… Mmmmmmmm

Do you make these? If so what do you put in them?


4 thoughts on “Cooking – EASY Ham & Cheese scrolls

  1. Very common here, variations include: Bacon pieces & Cheese, Vegemite & Cheese, Basil pesto & cheese. Have also used up the chunky dips (spinach/capsicum etc) with cheese. Have only made the nutella ones a few times, usually because the jar is eaten by the spoonful beforehand! haha. Can also make spinach & fetta/ricotta srolls (like cannelloni mix) – yummo!!!

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