May challenge – Day 1 – Outside your front door

For my May Challenge I am doing a declutter of 1 item a day. I will give you areas and then it is up to you as to how it works for you.

Remember that this is only 1 item, our aim is for 31 things LESS to worry about come June..
If you are super keen it could be just what you need to move through areas of your house and cull the crap.

So the first place we will start is the front porch area of your house. Some times for us this becomes a dumping ground from things out of the car. There is always the odd item that shouldnt be here.

With this area being cleared or cleaned then at least as you enter your house each time you can begin to smile from the out side in..



I tossed away the following
Old covers that we used when renovating in December!
Parts of toys
A cane basket
Old clothes?
Old shoes

How did you go?


4 thoughts on “May challenge – Day 1 – Outside your front door

  1. Threw out a stack of magazines I just never got to read. Went through my some of my winter clothes and put them in a bag (now in the car) for the thrift box instead of my attic. Heck, I didn’t wear them this year,.. probably wouldn’t wear them next year either.

  2. Since we don’t really use the front door often there isn’t too much to do. There is a tray at the door, for Fall and Winter shoes for getting the paper, that did have winter boots in it still (I’m from U.S.) so I put the winter tray away. šŸ™‚ Yay for spring and summer flip flops!

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