Cooking ~ Sausage rolls homemade

After watching Diary of a SAHM version of how she makes sausage rolls for her family, I thought I could give this ago.

I used Short crust pastry.. Only because this is different from the standard Puff pastry. I used Pampas sheets.. Simple and easy to use.


I used sausage mince x 2, bbq sauce, garlic, fresh thyme and not pictured but I grated in a lonely old zucchini..


All of these things were mixed together in a mixing bowl. You can grate in any veggies, or add as many flavours as you like.


Lay them on your pastry. I have fit 2 on each sheet, slicing the pastry down the centre.


I used a mixture of egg and milk wash to seal the edges as well as to wash across the top to help brown. Make sure you put vent holes in to allow steam to leave so your sausage rolls dont split.
I put mine in 200′ oven for about 30 minutes, till they start to make you hungry from the smell and look golden brown.


I have frozen these in after they were cooked. This gives us a quick meal that can be heated quickly and eatten straight away.
What do you put in your homemade sausage rolls?


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