School Cross Country

2 years ago I had a very scared little girl in prep who didnt want to run the cross country. I decided that the way to show my support was to run beside her and encourage her along..

2 years on… The course has got longer, our daughters dislike of this event is still as strong as ever and I am thinking I need to train for this event a few times a week, year round to even keep up with the extending distances as her years increase or at least for our son.

This year I did the prep race with Mr5 – who was determined to win! We had the winning group in sight the entire way but just couldnt catch up to them. I think we ended up coming about 12 th in his year which is a great effort. I thought he would run faster than I could manage but I was infront of him the entire way egging him on.

Miss7… mmmm give her a stage to dance on and she will shine. Give her a field to run on and she would rather lay down and watch the clouds..
She hates cross country and sports day.. Getting her to run has always been a struggle. We will never need to fight for front row seats at the track and field for Australia to watch her complete..
It was almost as the race started that we hit the end pack.. Infact I could even see a mum carrying her baby running along behind us, THAT is how slow we were. It was a hard battle to keep her going. She finished the race tears and all. This might be the longer race but it the easier.

I then also ran half of the next race with her friend.. She has a little bit more of a spirit about her but still struggled.

Funny how you can have 2 kids, one keen to win and the other no desire..


Red faced with even the sweat under and above my boobies..! Charming hey?

Do you do crazy things like this to encourage your children?


One thought on “School Cross Country

  1. I had no idea you were running it, had not checked face book this morning, then this flash of yellow comes around the corner, you rocked it hon, you did us all proud, so many Mummies were cheering you on, then had to stop to remind ourselves to cheer our kids on too! well done!

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