Cooking ~ Chocolate Tart



This recipe is quite a simple one yet it’s taste is golden..

It is a rich thick chocolate pie that can be served with creama dnprehaps a berry sauce…

My friend Jasmine made it for us one night and has passed this on to me..

Once I got past dropping my cooked pastry case from the oven..


I then regrouped and used biscuit crumbs mixed with melted butter and pressed this into the bottom.. So fingers crossed there is some kind of base?

Here is how you make it
175 mls cream
75mls milk
200gr cooking chocolate – I used Lindt dark chocolate

In a pot on low to melt and mix.
I whisked mine the enter time.
Once mixed take off the heat to cool.

Once cooled add 1 egg and whisk through

Pour into pastry case and cook on 170 for 40 minutes untill cooked on edges and still wobbly in the middle.
As it cools it will set.


It is extrememly rich so very small slices will do..


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