Cooking ~ Sand Castle birthday cake

After a week of planning last night we got to celebrate with my niece for her birthday with her beach theme..

Sand Castle cake.

My mould was $5 from K-mart, the silicon kind.
I have all sides of reports from if silicon works. I brought it anyway and decided to give it a go.

My silicon mould tips are.
1. Make sure you use plenty of oil inside the mould. I used the spray cooking oil but made sure I wiped the inside of the mould down so that it didnt leave bubbles on the cake. If you are covering it then this is not a concern but if you are leaving the cake plain then it may leave a bubbly effect on the cake.
2. Make sure when you pour the cake mix in that you give it then a good thump down on the bench to settle the mixture into all the sections. I use to be scared incase I thumped the “rise” out of my cake but it doesnt your cake will be just fine!
3. Once your cake has finished cooking, take it out of the oven and let it cool in the mould. It will then sweat a little inside making it easy to remove from the mould.. But I read a great tip that also makes sense yesterday is that as the cake cools it will then shrink away from the edges of the mould again making it easier to remove.
4. As with removing any cake from the mould, just ease the silicon away from the edges before upturning the cake and trying to remove it from the mould.

On this cake in particular I used good old Betty Crocker.
1 cake mix with frosting included in the box.
I used vanilla on the final cake as it then looked more the colour of sand.

Once the cake was cooked, removed but importantly cooled, it was lightly iced with the frosting.

I then used scotch finger biscuits that I blitzed up as the “sand” on the outside.
I placed it on a layer of darker sand – which was Ginger nuts, from my trial…

I also made up a batch of blue Cottees jelly with half the water contents. Put this in the freezer for a quick set in a slice tray so it was long and thin aiding in a quick set. Once set I then ran my fork through the jelly messing it up and paced that in the centre.

A few shells and flags as decorations and my sand castle was ready to be gobbled up..

Here are some snaps for you to see more.



A bit bubbly from the oil



One last tip. I was standing on the other side of the table when she blew out the candles out… Sand crumbs went EVERYWHERE!!! But it lead to a very funny moment!

How do you like my cake?


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