Holidays over

Today the kids went back to school and I headed into work.. I was hoping not for a long time. A bit like the aftermath of a cyclone. Just to assess before I headed in for real work tomorrow.

I was there a normal day. I didnt type on one key. I didnt answer one call. I just spoke. Spoke to our manager. Spoke to our MD (my husband). Spoke to all staff.

Men are so very different to women. Or maybe it is just our workshop? They want changes but back off when action is shown..

I went through figures. I discussed productivity. I spoke about workshop systems. Internally our office hums. Our workshop is also busy. We have lost the quiet periods and now BUSY is the new normal. It is just how we deal with this that will determine our future.

Today I was helping implement systems. Helping to get things running right. I want to put things in boxes, labeled, in places. But these boxes are pallets, bloody big boxes and they weigh inexcess of 500kgs or more….

I have convinced them to give me 1 engine to sort, label, make check lists for and pack into a box before the rebuild begins on it in a months time.

I could see they were much happier spending hours being frustrated looking for parts anywhere in the workshop. My system sounds way to organised for them and means they might be a little more productive as well as cutting back on rebuild hours.

Sometimes life is truely about working smarter and not harder.. I will keep you posted as this sparkly chicky dons her dark work clothes and takes on this workshop challenge that at the moment is being totally frowned on..

But for now my head is buzzing from my conversations, the feedback and what I hope to achieve. I didnt for 1 moment have time to miss our kids like I thought I would.

Has anyone else tried to sort out Manland?


One thought on “Holidays over

  1. I gave up a looooooooong time ago. My hubby’s a brewer and publican- he’s very successful along with two other manland partners in a manland industry living their boys own adventures. He actually files his receipts in a green Woolies bag……I mean what hope do I have? lol

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