Cooking for kids – Latina pasta

Tonight it is pumpkin soup for us adults from the leftover veggies on this budget type week.
I had planned this with my shopping and the extra veggies when cooking my roast. Having this already in mind I also knew that feeding soup to our kids is like trying to give tablets to a dog….mmmm….no fun and the chances of it not going down first try are high!


I decided to give Latina a whirl. Knowing that they love the gross tinned ravioli that grandad eats I thought I would make it easy and simple with ravioli.

So 1 packet of kids ravioli, filled with veggies 😉
1 tub of 5 veggies sauce to go with it.

I am not sure how good your kids are but with a tomatoe sauce with chunks of veggies in it like it does I wanted to make this meal very easy.
In to the oskar blizter thingy.. Brrrrrrrr and the sauce was tomato smooth 😉

Mixed the 2 together, cheese on top.

Thanks Latina you did it again…..!


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