The view from my pantry

I thought with all my renovations that I had shared this part of my life with you all but maybe I have no?

It has taken 3 months but every time I go shopping I buy another Sistema container. Slowly but surely my pantry is filling with a “system”. Some kind of organisation, this has never been my pantry. But since 1st January when I decided to start cooking I am now using more of the things also that my pantry has never had ie flour, sugar, coconut, icing sugar.. These all need to be in something.

So with my HUGE pantry it was time to try and keep some kind of order.


On my Sistema containers I have also written on the sides of them in whiteboard marker. Especially when first putting things in containers I was swapping and changing them, too big, too small, not tall enough, not deep enough. So I found if I wrote on them in white board marker then I could very easily change the names.


This is work in progress but very slowly my pantry is getting sorted.


Myherbs are in a tray that can be lifted out. I also have written the names of them on the lids so that I dont have to lift everyone up to see if its the rigt one.


My baking things are in containers. Biscuits I use, cooking chocolate, sprinkles, colourings, all in different containers.


Infact cleaning out the pantry is aways refreshing and puts things back in order.


I have a section with the things off the bench, pens, calculator, just things with my shopping list double sided to the wall above it.


And our calendar is on a pin board that I put on the back of pantry door.

What are your tidy pantry hints or tips you could share with me?


10 thoughts on “The view from my pantry

  1. Those sistema containers are great! Affordable and hardy. I’m starting to buy a couple here and there too. Love your idea about the herbs putting in the container and writing on the lids. I don’t have any tips as mine is not so organised but yes I think the baking section is the first on my list 🙂

  2. When we renovated our kitchen, I decided on larders… which are essentially big drawers – which are great. Except, being a tupperware fan, I have to lift everything up to see what is inside. It is annoying, but I know that tupperware is expensive, so I am not likely to buy new containers…. I need a better solution too!

    I am very envious of your lovely big pantry – so nice to have everything so nice and neat and VISIBLE! Good job… I now need to know why you have started cooking. I might just have a poke around a bit…


    • Arrrr my cooking. I think some people read, some crotchet I think I cook. I was sick of my husband feeding my meals to the dog and cooking was hard. We renovated and I had no kitchen for 6 months and now have a pure delightful area to create in. Some times I fail badly but I enjoy it.

    • I had a similar issue at my old house and i got out my lovely label maker and printed up some pretty silver labels and stuck them on the lids 🙂 Or if you dont have that some white label stickers stuck to the lid work too. Both are easily removed for washing and changing around but make things easy to spot without having to lift everyhing.

  3. The whiteboard marker labelling is a great idea for when you are in early stages of organising, I love a pretty label any day but if things change up regularly, it can be a real pain to re-label. I had my pantry sorted, then had some little visitor ruin my good plans – now have to rethink to ensure EVERYTHING is sealed so said little visitor has nothing to come for!!

  4. Cant se if do it already, but when you put pasta and other ingredients you boil in new containers i find it helpful to write how long they are suppose to boil.

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