Working mother struggle

I read plenty of pages, blogs and posts about mums home with their kids and the struggle with entertaining them.

I get that there is a bigger struggle… The working mums.


I understand that with the standard 4 weeks a year it doesnt stretch across the standard 10 weeks school holidays that occur.
I also get that especially with younger kids the juggle of attending school events doesnt happen.
The Easter hat parades, the school pick ups & the sports days.
This doesnt for one moment include any sick days that happen for your kids lead a lone poooor you!

My sister has always been a full time worker and the juggle and heart ache she has gone through has been hard.

When our kids were little and our business was newish I had to do some huge juggles.
7am starts to daycare, the kids then Miss 7, would then board the bus to kindy and get picked up and taken back to daycare, they would then be collected at 5.30-6pm.. As time went on they would start at daycare, one would get dropped to kindy, one would get dropped to school on the daycares private bus, then back to daycare for collection late in the afternoons.
Life was hard, the house was very out of control, but this needed to be done to get the business to the place it is today.

I had many conversations with teachers about not being there for drop off and pick up each day. Through this I was lucky enough to have events off. I never missed a presentation, or sports day but many mums do, they dont have a choice.

These days at our work we have the right people in key positions as the business has grown to allow me to spend this time with the kids. But I am very aware of the struggle and heart break school holidays brings to many families.

Take a thought when your kids are being kids.. The noise levels are high… Your patiences is low.
Be thankful that you get to be home with your kids as many mums arent and they would swap places with you in a flash.

Does this struggle describe you?


4 thoughts on “Working mother struggle

  1. Some good comments. To be fair though, it can be challenging as a stay at home Mum in the Holidays, too. Saying this does not make a SAHM ungrateful, just honest. It is not healthy to compare against one another. We are on the same side , as Mothers , and should be supporting one another.

  2. This is so true! I work full time 5days one week and 5 & 1/2 days every other week. We My youngest is still in full time daycare, he will start prep next year. The other two go to school but also have to go to after school care. By the time I finish work, and pick them up from after school care and daycare, it is well after 6pm. It is such a long day for them – we have to leave the house no later than 7.30 to do all the drop offs for me to get to work on time! When they get home they are often overtired and cranky, and its a massive effort to get them to do homework. I often don’t press it all all. It is disheartening that I rarely get to spend quality time with my kids. I have taken 2 weeks off over this easter school holiday break to spend time with them and it has been wonderful.

  3. I have been lucky to have worked only one day a week for about 8 months. My bestie had a baby not long after me and she had no choice but to return to work full time. She was not happy about it. She is up really early getting two kids ready, dropping kids off, getting to work on time, coming home late, then having to cook etc. I felt so bad for her! (having also heard her own feelings about it – I wasn’t pitying on the working mum). I’m about to start work this week 4 days a week and am really anxious about getting home 6:15pm and having to organise dinner especially when that’s when we normally eat. I’m sad that my daughter will eat and go to bed and that I will see her less. Thank goodness its just a temporary 3 month position to help us out financially.
    I am so very grateful that I have been home with my daughter even though it does get a little monotomous at times.

  4. I do feel for working Mothers, it must be very dificult. I am blessed to be a SAHM. That does not mean that it is easy , always, though. I have a number of health issues. At the end of the day ,we each have personal struggles, and it is unhealthy to be envious of others.

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