Easter Sunday

I am the section of our family that religion skipped.
My sister went to Sunday school, I didnt.
My husband was christened, I wasnt.


Yet some how through growing up you learn the basics that get you through.

Zip forward to today. Our daughter is christened our son isnt :S One of our daughters favorite parts of her state school education is her religious education. Our daughter has never played make believe.. Ever.. She always plays real things. She often questions life in her 7 year old way..

Fortunately in this house EB must be at the end of his travels when he visits as we only ever get 1 egg pack, but grandad gives eggs and we do a hunt..

Through all the commerical side of Easter we have still spoken about the meaning of Easter and the occurances that happened to Jesus over these days.
My sister even read the section out of Miss 7’s beginners bible.

I am more than open minded to any conversations she wishes to have yet I do get stuck answering her questions some times.. But Grandma is a great help.


Happy Easter everyone and just take a moment to think beyond the chocolate haze and where the meaning of Easter has come from.


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