Almost ending my blog

On Facebook I follow plenty of bloggers who I have similar interest in.
Life the universe and everything type stuff.
Plenty of these have been around for a similar time to me. Others have been around many years more.
However I am not too sure that there are too many pages who somehow are over the 2000 fan mark like me?

My direction of what my blog is about or what I am achieving has somewhat changed over the last 12 months.

I have writen about
My home
My anxiety
My family – still keeping us somewhat private
My renovations
My pets
My cooking

Last week end when most of the blogworld headed to Melbourne to meet each other, meet new connections and also increase their skills I must say I was completely envious. I followed on facebook and twitter and started to double think what Getting Sorted was about.

Somewhere in there I lost why I had begun my blog. For ME!

I started it out as some where that I could vent my thoughts, write about my successes and failures and in the mean time I have gathered soooo many more followers than I ever thought.

I was soooo close to ending my writting and just being a reader and commentor.
I had lost the fact that this is my story. I had forgotten the rule of not comparing to others.

So I have decided to stay. I love all your comments, your help, your feedback  and your kind words. For this I am very thankful.
Those of you who dont like what I do can easily un like my page as I am here to stay.
It will be real as always and first and formost it is for me.


7 thoughts on “Almost ending my blog

  1. Im so glad you decided to stay… I love your posts and love even more that you are not driven by the number of likers you have like some other blogs I follow… Thanks for sharing your world with us and am grateful you let us in … Have a Happy Easter 🙂

  2. I am so glad you decided to keep on blogging. I love reading your blog posts and the stuff you put on facebook. As long as you stay true to yourself you can’t go wrong. : )

  3. Glad you stayed. I always feel encouraged reading your blog/Facebook. I have deleted many who just redirect me to advertising/competitions but yours is a favourite read each day. Thank you..

  4. Here here! I have these kinds of thoughts all the time. My stats are down, I must be rubbish. No one commented, people don’t like what I do. But you are soooo right – this blogging thing is personal. I am not business minded at all – I am a writer, that is my first love. So that is what I will do. I have a very good friend who is keen to see me grow, so she has taken that part of my blog on – which is really great. This leaves me to write more and be more creative.

    Keep on blogging girlfriend, I am really liking what you are doing here!

    • Thank you and welcome. I have anxiety so search that on my page started June holidays last year.. Good luck with your black dog and I giggled at your home alone post… Hearing every noise and freacking out.. My imagination kills me xo

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