Almost sleeping the night in a strangers bed






Our daughter has been struggling with this huge flu that has knocked even me for 6. Days in bed. No energy. Feeling like a complete train wreak.
DH got it but not at the same level as me.. Over the last 5 days we have juggled her with demazin to stop her nose running away. Cough lollypops to stop the barking cough. Panadol to stop the high temps.

Dinner time last night although she was looking better and feeling better she had developed a red, almost blood spots under her skin type rash in small places. Not covering competely just in small sections. Almost like when you itch your self too hard and cause blood spots under the skin..

I think we are embedded into the home doctors gps.. So a call to them and they arrived to check her out. Weird strange looking yet improving in her self. If she had of got this Tuesday I would of thought for sure the ET type bubble and quarrantine..

After a very long checkover a letter of referral was written and with the “dont panic but check it out” type talk.. Which of course freaked me to ED we went.!

Not to make us panic but viral meningitis was mentioned, as was menningacocal.. Arrrrggghhhhh

The hospital also didnt like the looks of it!

So with constant monitoring & bloods taken, we made our selves settled for a night in a strangers bed. Mr 4 was with us in tow as he didnt want to leave her side.

So about 7 hours later sometime after 2 am we left the hospital. Not any wiser about this strange rash, yet with instructions that if she got worse, didnt continue to mend, that we were to head back in..

Lucky this year Easter is at home. Low key and on recharge.

This morning she is still bright, there are different pinspots that have appeared but she is happy, eatting and drinking…

With my extreme anxiety you ever know if your actions are at the extreme level. Yet the thing that held me on to the right thing was my sisters reassurance to get it checked but then also a doctor who referred us to the hospital wondering himself what this strange post viral type rash was.


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