Washing Drying Folding..repeat

Being such a great starter and useless finisher I start out fast and hard at most but often give up and die near the end.

I have made April my Complete the Cycle month.
I am trying to wash, dry, fold or hang a compete load a day.

To begin with this is easy. I have mountains of clothes every where. So with clear blue skies I have started. It takes 21 days to form a habit and so I am hoping that I will regain control over these out of control piles that have spung up like a rash everywhere and more so create and maintain a new system.

I would normally keep filling the washing machine, setting the drier to crease guard and have it go off all night long.

What I have found so far, is that if I am only making sure that I am doing 2 or 3 complete loads and not trying to wash the entire world in 1 day then the task is achievable.

I have been sorting them out. I have cleaned up the laundry, making it nice to work in. I have made the loads – like loads ie, long pants, work clothes, school uniforms. This way they are the same things to put away in the same section of the cupboards.

When I hang things like my clothes on the line I use coat hangers, this way they can go straigt from the line direct to the cupboard.

Slowly I can see the carpet sprinkled through the floorobe on the bedroom floor. This is becoming spare. Not tidy or organised but more spare.

Are you joining me on my WDF Complete the Cycle month..?

Whats your tip for keeping on top of this all?


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