Cheaper school holiday fun

With school holidays in swing & my money on a tight budget I am looking for some activities to do that dont cost too much and yet still allow us to have fun.

Cheap Tuesdays $1 – DVD’s
I had no idea that this day even exists. We have Austar so we dont hire movies all that much at all.
But wow… I will now. Even just a movie ever so often at the entire $1, I am not sure what else these days that limited money buys.

Hiring a game
Hiring a game to play on you PS2, wii, xbox is not something we have ever done before. For the $6 that this cost it is still cheap fun for the week. I did see a sign in the store that said $2 games on Thursdays but I would have to check if that was right?

Shopping centre entertainment
There is always a variety of entertainment for free or cheap at local shopping centres. Gives you a cheap outting and something fun.
Animal displays, a live show or an activity display.

Fast food lunch with playground
With my budget saving and home cooking we have not had a great deal of takeaway at all lately. But one of the promises for next week is lunch at Mac Donalds and a play on the playground. While they play it gives me a chance to flip through a magazine and enjoy a coffee. Might not be as quiet as I like but works for us all.

Craft day
With some different coloured papers, pens and things to paste on I have also promised the kids a craft day. We have already been doing different kinds of drawings and rubbings but I will do some Easter specific crafts with them that they can paint, glue, or colour and have some fun creating.

Journal writing
I also have got some have drawing half writing pages so that the kids can do some journaling about the holidays. This helps them with their words, spelling and writing of letters. They also get to create a fun record of the holidays.

These are a quick cheap and easy things we have planned what can you add to the list?


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