Lights out

Dear Earth Hour,

Thank you for coming along last night. With little kids 8.30 is past their normal bed time so we started early and decided that we wouldnt turn the lights on once night time fell. This way the kids got to be part of it.

This lead to some very detailed conversations from the kids which I am not sure I got right but they were about saving power, carbon foot prints & saving the ozone layer..even I had to think about what it was all about.

I know we leave a VERY big carbon foot print on the earth from this house, I am kindly reminded of this ever quarter not just by our huge power bills I struggle to budget for but the kind notes the electricity company puts on my bill stating how much OVER the average we are..

Earth Hour thank you for giving us a well needed early night. We all fell asleep early, something all our bodies needed. This has allowed me to rise early and today not feel so bad today. My ears have stopped ringing, my head has stopped thumping, I am not right but feeling better but the kids both have fevers.

I know we shouldnt wait for once a year to save power and be aware to switch things off. I will be more aware of how easily electricity flows and how simple it is to turn a dvd player off instead of leaving it on standby. To turn a fan off in a room that is not used. To be energy smart with the air conditioner rather than just let it run with doors open..

Thank you Earth Hour for once again last night making a difference to our world.


4 thoughts on “Lights out

  1. we had an early night due to earth hour too!! we all needed a good sleep, the kids are so tired from a long term at school. It has definitely inpsired me to try and cut down as our power bill is huge too!

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