Patience…the lost skill

I have decided that in todays society soon patience will be a lost skill.

With mobile phones, txt messages, social media like facebook and twitter there is no reason to wait for anything.

You can order things over the internet, track the movement and know when to expect it at your front door.

These days everything is a faster quicker world.

The problem with this is then that when we are expected to wait we have little tolerance of it. Infact zero tolerance for waiting.. No patience..

We are very lucky here in Cairns to not have the traffic of the big cities. With recent rainfalls it meant roads blocked and traffic hold ups. This happens for 1 or 2 days a year.. Thats all… And yet we are still intolerant.

Next time you are waiting for an appointment that is running behind..take a deep breath and be thankful for this to help keep patience alive.


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