My Homework

So this week the seriousness of homework & the importance of reading finally hit home with me!

I guess it is not until you see those who you are sooo very proud of starting to fail that you need to step it up and take a new plan of attack.

With the full support of our daughter’s teacher I had to lay down the new guidleines as to what homework means in our place. When it is done. For how long each day and the activities this entailed.


In grade 2 this means 3 things
1. A homework sheet for the week.
2. A spelling list
3. Readers

Homework sheet.
With this there is normally multiple tasks on this sheet and it is due in on the Friday at the end of the week.
On day 1 we read through the entire sheet together knowing what we have to achieve for the week.
We have not been tackling this as one HUGE task but we have divided into 4 tasks.
This way one section of it is looked at each day. With it then completed and back to school on the Friday.
By reading through the sheet fully on day 1 we both know then what our next tasks are to work on for the week aswell.

This is a list of 10 words.
We have gone about learning these in a number of ways.
Day 1 we read through the words together and spell them out together and write them out together.
We then do a test on them and see how she goes. This way I know where her troubles are.
The part that helps here is the great ideas that were given to me with her spelling words.
Testing and writing doesnt have to be with a pencil and paper, they can be any of the following and more.

On a baking tray with shaving cream
On the wall of the bath with soap crayons
In the dirt in the yard
In coloured pencils with the same sounds the same colours
On a white board

For me learning is very regimented and so knowing that she cant still learn by adding these elements of learning is great.
Monday was a struggle as she knew I was deadly serious in giving her my time and dedicating to her success..
Tuesday the eyes rolled.
Wednesday with coloured pencils and her scores in her spelling staying high she was keen.
Thursday she was asking if she could use the new little whiteboard again and if I could test her…
Success…. Her success is my success…

Dont get me wrong.. I am sure we will flounder and forget or not have time or struggle once again, especially since I am a great starter but not a good long term doer… But this week was great. We even thought she would get 10/10 as she was flying with st uck, and cl ock.. But it was k ick in the end that tricked her ckick… Mmm never mind and great trying..

Ok so with this I am not stessing too much as this will come once we get her sight words sorted and her spelling words happening. But once again I was given plenty of great ideas by the teacher, family and friends.
Reading doesnt mean just readers. It could mean any of the following
Recipes she is cooking with me
Sites on the internet she plays on like Moshi monsters.
Magazine articles that interest her from her Better Homes and Gardens
What we found this week that worked so very well was her library books. She chose these because they interested her… 1 on snakes and 2 on crocodiles.. So she was reading them. Not sure of what level they were but they were completely relevant and interesting for her. So some times dont be restricted to staying in the box. I know I have never learnt anything I wasnt interested in.. But give me something I was passionate about and I could tell you the world about it…

Learning and childrens education is definately a multi processed task with a number players needed for its success. The teacher to guide, the child to be keen to learn and the parent to support.


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