Who is responsible for your childs education?

This morning by chance when walking Miss 6 ooops 7 to her class I saw there were mums in the classroom. I am not sure why I have not noticed them before.. Maybe Mondays dont work well for me. I had wanted to speak with her teacher because on Friday she had done some BIG spelling tests one on one with her teacher and the teacher had decided to drop our daughters reading from level 11 down to level 8! What!

Of course a mothers first reaction is OMG!!!

Under the new National Curriculum it is decided that all Grade 2’s start on this level and are then assessed or moved accordingly. Although she gave the words a go, she did not achieve the 90% zone and had no understanding at all of the context she was reading..

I think most parents compair themselves and their kids to others & you never like for your family to be failing.. Others in her year are reading chapter books and leaps and bounds ahead… Mmmm time to not compare. To not ask others about their child level. Time to focus and succeed.

Over the week end we have had many conversations about this. What does this mean. What can we do. How we can work on this together.

One huge light bulb moment happened for me. Even though I have been a Trainer in the past, sometimes your direct vision is dulled when you are faced with things directly. Our daughter doesnt fit into the BOX!!!

What did I mean by this… When talking to her over the week end about school, I found out for the first time that they had been talking about Ned Kelly.
I heard all about how she wants to visit Old Melbourne Goal
I heard all about how he was a bush ranger
I heard all about his armour
How his legs werent covered
How he robbed banks
How he had a rope put around his neck
About the the platform that he went up onto
How some peope die how some people live when hung.

I remembered people learn differently.
Some people are doers.
Some peope are seers.
Some peope need to be shown.

She had absorbed every word her teacher had told her in a story told to the class.

I know we are talking about skills that stem right back to the basics of sight words.. But maybe the “standard” cirriculum needs to be a little more flexible and creative. I can see how very easily kids could slip through the system and flounder.

I was very excited to tell her teacher this observation I had worked out over the week end & more so she is happy to organise a time for me to work with her to learn hints and tips on how to help our daughter.. Now back to the mums who were there this morning.. They were helping with literacy tasks… What a perfect sign if ever there was one… So with their encouragement I stayed on and spent the morning in class helping the groups that came to me sound out and count the sounds that words make..

I have also learnt how schooling is not just the responsibility of the teacher. It truely is an intergrated partnership with the teacher, parent & student. I have always had an extremely relaxed approach on schooling but I am seeing that I have some homework to do as well.

I will get off my soap box now and tomorrow I will share my learning plan with you that I created thanks to tips from my sister and with homework recieved today.


6 thoughts on “Who is responsible for your childs education?

  1. Couldn’t agree more that learning is a partnership.
    The amount of actual learning time at school is very small, take away the recess, lunch, time spent sorting out who didn’t play with Sally and who may taken Kelly’s ball. Not to mention assemblies and who hasn’t got their home reader. The list goes on.
    The school curriculum is insane. If you looked at each subjects outcomes and indicators you would think how the hell do you fit all that in, then the government adds more to the curriculum and you think how the hell are you going to fit that in! It is so super important in my belief that parents and teachers partner up so that learning experiences can be
    integrated and relevant. However I know that the home life can be nuts too with all the sports activities etc.
    I know that a teacher really really really appreciates parent helpers even if its to help supervise an art activity or help monitor a small group during sport time. Its a tough gig!
    I know many teachers definitely do not work 9-3, infact they don’t even work 8-5, they work more like 6am to 9pm, planning assessing planning assessing printing laminating decorating.

    • I normally go in a Friday for the fun afternoon activity and I have attended swimming lessons a number of times.. But today with the learning activities that also gave me insite of the other kids in the class. Her teacher is great and will support me fully as long as I am willing to put my bit in. So I am very lucky there.. I thinking putting on a school uniform could be fun…

  2. I’ve helped in all of my kids classrooms over the years & truely believe the education of our children is a team effort. For teachers to have 28 kids of varying levels & many subjects, to be able to offer a consistent program is nearly impossible without volunteers. I’ve taken my younger children with me with packed snacks and toys and have always found nothing but appreciation from the teachers. It also creates a very open channel of communication with the teacher so there have been no surprises in my children’s education. And you remain visible within the school, the staff know you are an involved parent and that they can rely on you. YOU are your childs advocate and no-one else is going to defend them or fight for them like you are.

  3. This is fantastic! I always had a high reading age but I remember the exact lesson in grade 2 that I started falling behind in maths. From then on I “wasn’t applying myself” (cos I didn’t flippin understand the stuff – like so what if u have to tell me twice!) and I never got a passing mark in high school until the very last test in yr 12 (the one that didn’t count any more). Yes I am a great believer in changing the system for the better esp since my son will be there in about 4 yrs.
    What a great article! Thanks! 🙂 x

  4. I’m a teacher and I truly believe that child will learn in spite of us all. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying don’t hep don’t do extra stuff! What I’m saying is if you set up a great learning environment in school and at home then kids are like sponges and they suck it up. Question your children about what they say. When you read that bedtime story ask them what they think is going to happen and why. Everyday is a learning opportunity, even sorting socks into matching pairs. Some kids need specific assistance because they have learning difficulties but if you put the problem in a context that is familiar to them then you find that they can do it. Catering for a learning styles is difficult when we focus only on the national curriculum and what number they should be in reading. It’s like when thy were learning to walk, some do it early, some a little later and occasionally they need a little help.

    PS In the post about freezing school lunches would make a great multiplication task with a n array. Hmmm How many pieces of bread do we use for lunch?? Always an opportunity for learning

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