Cooking ~ Cheats Vanillia Slice

Some magazines I get I flip through and think for the $3.50 it cost me how I should of brought milk instead..
Other magazines like March 2012 Recipes…. I tear half the book to pieces and go WoW!

I saw this as the featured recipe that was sent in.

Vanillia slice…. Hahaha who would ever think ME – I would be whipping up a vanillia slice to have with my coffee… Hahaha

Trust me when I say this is simple ans ever so quick and easy..

Please note this tip.. When you mix the cream, milk and pudding mix together.. You really only beat it up with the beaters for not even a minute. Thick and fluffy doesnt take long at all.


I didnt use pastry I used a packet of lattice biscuits I had in the cupboard for both top and bottom.
With the icing I used a cup of icing sugar sifted mixed in with 2 tablespoons of tinned passionfruit pulp.



Oh yeah and did I say yummy…. A tray of these in the fridge when home alone after being at school with a hot coffee = DANGEROUS!!!


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