Why I freeze lunches

Ok this week is a little tighter than normal but in saying that the bills & fees for life are all paid.

With my $20 budget the things on the top of my mind were school lunch.

Today down the shops we went and brougt the following
2 loaves of bread
Roast beef

One thing with the kids, I always ask them what they want me to put in their lunches and I never say no. With their sandwiches for it to work this way it also has to be what they like. If its roast meat they want, then it is. If its ham and cheese then it is. To make them more appealing to the kids I always cut the crusts off and treat them.


I do them in big batches all at once.


Little waste


So here are some reasons why I freeze their lunches
1. The bread is all used when it is super fresh & yummy.. They defrost still fresh.
2. We are not battling mouldy bread in the tropics or NO bread.
3. All of the things like cold meat & cheese are used up, not left in the fridge & forgotten.
4. It makes getting lunches ready such a breeze.
5. You have choice, although a little limited due to freezing but we have got over that.
6. You know you have things there for lunches as you can see how many you still have frozen.

Does this work for you


8 thoughts on “Why I freeze lunches

  1. I make lunches in bulk and freeze them for the week too, otherwise I find things just go to waste especially in Nth Qlds humid weather. I also bake and freeze snacks like muffins, slices, rolls and yogurt. This way everything is lovely and cold when the kids get to eat their lunch and I find the kids actually eat it. I also half fill and freeze their water bottles everyday (they have the lgr 1lt ones with an insulated carry bag on it) this way they drink a lot more water too. No rushing in the morning, no food going to waste and no risk of food poisioning from not being stored correctly. Love your blog:)

    • I also do the half freezing of the water bottle my sister taught me that trick. I am trying to make treats to freeze them in for the kids rather than buying them… Makes life bliss…great work..

  2. What a great idea, I would love a list of freeze able fillings as I’ve only ever done it with Vegemite and jam fillings! Thanks

  3. I just wanted to ask about the ham. I buy ham each week and freeze it. I take it out the night before I use it but I find in the morning I have to put it on some paper towel to get rid of the excess water which I assume is ice crystals. How does that work in a sandwich? Doesn’t it make your bread soggy? Tia

    • I take the sandwiches out in the morning and by lunchtime they are ready to eat. No soggy bread. I didnt think this would work.. So on the first week I did a set for me and both kids.. This way I could see if they had a valid point if it wasnt nice. But we all thought it worked fine. So I would suggest you try it first to see.

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