My nice Cyber Life

Anyone who has a Facebook account or a blog must from time to time feel like this… That the Cyber YOU that you put out there really is a “nicer” you or a “better” life. Some times it is almost like I live 2 lives. The crazy wild house behind the calmer bloggy constructed walls.

I do try to be REAL.. But today as I met a very nice follower my crazy ME took over as I filled her in on my mornings antics..

I described my life as the life of a duck… Calm on top…but my feet are paddling like shit under the water line with the endless “things” that fill my day and my life.

It is not a facade it is just that some parts of my blog life dont cross into the walls of home. There is a personal boundary that keeps the two from blending into one, yet there are always snippets that sneak through…

So my point… This morning I was told by Miss 6 that it is Recipe week at school and being Friday it is her show and tell day. Silly me for asking if she had anything to take… This is when the bomb was let off!

So my morning has been on the go since 6am & mostly business related, at 8.30 we flew out the door to head to school… NO LUNCHES FOR THE KIDS as I hadnt had time to do that.. I told them I would return with them. I did my Friday school duties with Mr 4, raced home for a 9.15 appointment of which she was 15 minutes late (luckily as I got there as she was at my front door)!

Did the appointment. Made the kids lunches to be back at school by 10am for morning fruit snack.. I LOVE my frozen lunches and snacks!

I then had a brain wave…. Instead of racing home cooking and having a kitchen war with my oven as my levels were soaring I thought I would head to Woolies as thankfully yesterday was payday and here it comes READY…..

Buy Caramel slices… Cut them up… Put them in a clip box.. Print out the recipe… Sprinkle some 100’s & 1000’s around and present them back at school this afternoon….


I know this is cheating but it has saved my sanity.. As I am now giggling and blogging about it while my levels settle and I drink hot coffee in my cleanish house….

What is your best ever Mummy Cheat?






12 thoughts on “My nice Cyber Life

  1. So glad you have confessed … I was feeling like a failure this morning when you calmly stated you’d just have to “whip something up” for Show & Tell! I can’t even do that with about three days notice!!

    • It was not calm at all in my head.. Infact it was crazy and wild… I think sometimes we all read blogs and have the perception that the bloggers are perfect and so we then put expectations on our selves to be the same.. Remember what we all pst is just a snippet of life. We all want to be inspired and encouraged but sometimes being reall and like you said confessing our secrets makes it right for us all….
      I am the best cheat of them all. πŸ˜‰ thanks for your comments..

    • Deanna I thought that to myself I have to cut them roughy with out thinking too much and then for some reason in my head the 100’s and 1000’s sprinkle helped it look “homemade” he he he,!

  2. Wow, great cheat! Not sure I would print out the recipe, though πŸ™‚ MY confession was buying a VERY expensive Christmas cake for my future in-laws, re-gift wrapped it and gave it to them – while taking all the glory for having made it! It all happen so fast, and they were so sweet, and now they want one every year – I feel so dreadful about it, they only get Christmas cupcakes :):):)

  3. lmao ……I LOVE reading your blog and your facebook it reminds me that technically I am not insane ….cause if that were the case – the rest of you here would be to!! I think the problem solving you did this morning was a great stress buster and proves that with little time to prepare one can make it happen!! Well Done…………YOUR A LEGEND (in your own lunch box and ours!!). We salute you and give you Supermum Creative Disaster Avoidance Award πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Shelley. It is soooo nice to know that I can brighten someones day through my mayhem… I think we are all a bit insane just on different levels..
      I am so excited about my WONDERFULLY titled award. Although I know it would be way too many letters to pay for on a trophy.
      Thanks for your support xo

  4. Hahahaha! I love it! I often feel bloggers lead a perfect life, I am barely hanging on by my fingernails with my 3 kids and hubby, thanks for making me feel sooooo normal!

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