Cooking ~ Apricot chicken

This is a family favorite. Over the years it has been modified as somewhere in our 15 years of togetherness I only found out in recent years that DH doesnt like fruit in his food… So still apricot nectar but I also blend apricots in as well.

This time when making it I realised I didnt have French Onion soup.. As it was I did… I found it the next day.. But my lesson was that this dish is quite versitile. Be it cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, french onion or even spring vegetables as I had, it all gives it great flavour so be game and try our own combinations. Could even use blended mago instead of apricots?

Served on rice or pasta we also add veggies to the side.

I would love to know your versions.





4 thoughts on “Cooking ~ Apricot chicken

  1. Yum. This is our version
    Chicken pieces
    1 small can of apricot nectar
    1 pkt Dutch Curry and Rice soup mix. (makes a really nice thickened sauce)
    Cook it as usual. You can add a can of apricots if you wish.
    I often have to double this mix to feed us. But when I double I don’t use two packets of Dutch Curry, it turns out too curry like and very thick. So I use one packet of Dutch curry and one of french onion. Don’t forget to add an extra can of nectar though

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