When the money runs out.. Time to eat from the pantry


This week all the funds have gone and we have exactly $34.65 till pay day. I am not even sure if there are direct payments due to come out so by pay day I may even be behind to start again… Mmmm


With my new found cooking skills I have been buying things to make specific dishes with. So when I see that the funds are low I can happily smile at knowing the following.

1. On Friday I froze in an entire loaf of sandwiches for the kids.
2. I have plenty of breakfast cereal for DS and frozen in buttered hot cross buns for DD.. Breakfast is fine.
3. Coffee beans in the pantry. 🙂
4. Some fruit that should get me to payday.. Bananas, watermelon, sugar plums, grapes and blueberries.
5. Veggies in the crisper are corn, beans, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes
6. I have potatoes and onions and pumpkin
7. Rice & pasta to help bulk things up and I have them
8. Got eggs
9. Milk may run short but I can squeeze that into my budget
10. Freezer has salmon croquette, meat, roast chicken, fish, prawns

I am not feeling scared that I wont make it this week.
Infact a good cook up and clean out of stuff is always a great way to save on the food bill.

Most of us buy what we want for the week. But we forget how many dollars worth of things we already have in our pantry and fridges that we can create into meals.

This week I am going to remind you all to use what you have already. Put together meals with the things you find. It might be time to eat the frozen meals in the freezer you made for that rainy day.

These so many of us juggle tight budgets and payments. We all live close to the line. This week we will all see how much we can save by seeing what we can whip up with what we already have.


2 thoughts on “When the money runs out.. Time to eat from the pantry

  1. My pantry could use with a cleanout. I still have tinned food that my Nan brought for an intended recipe on her visit in October! I always either seem to double up, or run out on that day I assume that I already had the item in there. I have heaps of pineapple – great timing for your recent recipes! We’ve been using freezer stock, as we time for this time of year, each year. Due to kill a beef beast in the next month or two to refill it (unless we let him grow even more! lol).

    • Hope they worked out ok Karen. You really have no idea how much food you have or what you can make till you stop buying.. Is working a treat but now the butter is low, eggs are gone, so a small shop is needed.

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