Cooking ~ Chicken soup

I remember when I was little as soon as your nose started to run & you werent feeling too well, out would come the bowl of Chicken soup.

Being week 3 back at school, we are now all starting to get back into the fast flow that life brings 5 days a week. The sniffles are around. The tired eyes are there. The just not rights are creeping in. The slight temps are hanging at bay.

The kids are so NOT soup kids.. Infact they even made up a song about Yucky green soup... Mind you Pea & Ham is one of my favorites.

I decided to make a pot of chicken soup so that it could have the magic of making me feel better.

It was very quick & easy.

2 Chicken thighs
1 packet of Cream of chicken soup mix
Singapore noodles
Salt & pepper

I added double the water to what the packet said
Chopped the veggies fine
Placed all bar the noodles in the pot & boiled for 30 mins
Once chicken was cooked I cut the chicken from the thigh & added it back to the pot
The noodles I added just before serving so they didnt go too mushy

There is nothing nicer than fresh bread & Chicken soup when you dont feel right…
Mind you I couldnt WAIT to eat it & burnt my tongue  :-C


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