The Muppets


What a week our house has had…

Our businesses last Saturday moved sheds into a larger one so it was actions stations & pure mess to sort then.
With the pure excitement & fun of the new school year. The apprehension & anxiety of our little preppy.
To the gut retching sorrow of our dogs extreme cases ending in her passing.
We had the most low key Australia Day rather than the full work crew playing cricket in our yard..

Soooo to help keep it together as a family, I had decided that as a family we would see The Muppets.

We put on some nice clothes. Most places were closed in the complex we went to but we managed to get Noodle Box for DH & I while the kids didnt argue at KFC.

I ordered the tickets on line which meant we jumped cues and had excellent service.

Our kids have never watched the Muppets. They have only ever seen the clips to this movie.

My sister & I grew up with the Muppets as did DH. The were there every week. New jokes. New laughs. As well as the regular story lines that were there.

It was like taking the kids to meet old friends. But unlike your old friends who cant wait to see you.. These guys opened there hearts & shared it with our kids.

The dancing chickens put huge smiles on their faces. Hearing the theme song put a smile on DH face & mine.. Watching “H”ermet… We had to make sure Miss 6 got it right.. Watching Kermet waving his arms around in excitement was exactly as I remember his traits.

It was a bit – sing song – for DH… But I do remember the other movies being like that.

My highlight was watching Kermy & Piggy sing Rainbow Connection together with the crew. I knew every word…

If you havent seen it yet, it was light, fun & kept our 6 & 4 yr olds very entertaining. Maybe not a dag your hubby along type movie… But in saying that if he knows them he will also get the odd giggle & know what to expect.

Was a great way to regroup our family.


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