My baby years are gone

Monday is the start of our little fellas schooling life. I was not aware of how much this means to ME rather than him.

He cant wait to be in his sisters old prep class with her old prep teacher.
He cant wait to do kiss & drop.
He cant wait to play in the yard.
He cant wait for tuckshop..


This little fella is my Hard Yards. He came out crying & didnt stop till he was about 3! He woke every 2 hrs forever. He STILL ends up in our bed. He lived of air…
He had pneumonia when he was 12 months & was super sick in & out of drs & the hospital.

He HATED daycare when our business was new. He would cry so much he was sick from the moment I left till my return. To begin with it was an hr… Slowily slowily this increased.

This little fella is slowily finding his groove. Kindy was a bit hard but the last year the routine, support & friendships of kindy has turned life into fun.

A mummies boy. Wanting to be held & cuddled. Only mummy could fix his world. So different to his sister who came out independant.

So on Monday my heart will be in my throat. I will be brave for him with his excitement of school, new friends, learning & once again being with his sister who he has missed.

I will be so happy & pleased for him & yet sad knowing that those baby years are gone. I could never redo them but I am sad that the strong love & need for his mum will loosen & take on a different form. His love for me wont go, I know this, it will evolve & grow as this little fella has..

A smile worn as my charade & a few tissues in my bra. Good luck to all Preppy mums..


One thought on “My baby years are gone

  1. I think he is the male version of Kiara! You will be fine hon, and as you said to me “its ok to cry”. I will be there as well, happy to hand out hugs if you need them (may need one myself!). Lovely post xx

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