What is Anxiety??

For each of us this answer will be different. . . But here is my version

Anxiety is not the broken arm sticking off at a right angle.
Anxiety is not the sliced open bleeding wound that has people running to stop.
Anxiety is not the breathlessness of an asthma attack.

Anxiety Is:
The tight feeling in your chest.
The uneasy feeling in your soul.
The racing thumping heart beat.
The feeling of a heart attack.
The tightening around your neck.
The sweating from nowhere.
The unstoppable irrational thoughts.
The short snapish irritable temper.

Having bern diagnosised with General Anxiety Disorder I know first hand how out of control it can become. How serreal it seems. How isolated/alienated you can feel.

My tip to you are these:
Understand that fighting your anxiety only pushes it down to fight up stronger.
You need to accept your anxiety & make it welcome.
Take time to find you, remembering that anxiety helps you appreciate life & be grateful.
The simplier the way ov life the better it becomes.
Most of all doing less allowd you to do more.

Anxiety comes in many forms. Quiet often unknown so dont try to quess why but to be curious as to its form.

Steady yourself. Slow yourself & know you are safe. It happens to many others & yet for some reason we dont talk about it.

Ease your anxiety & start to talk.


6 thoughts on “What is Anxiety??

  1. Anxiety is when you get a sick feeling late at night when your children are asleep and you realise you can’t protect them from everything, and that things could go horribly wrong, and you start to think about what these things are…and then you’re in a right state!

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  3. mine does that. alot of mine comes from the emotional abuse over the years from my biological father, who’s been in and out of my life always. its helped not having him in my life but when he starts trying to come around it all starts again. my hubby is helping with it all. i know now that he can’t hurt me but the past is so strong sometimes.

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