Anxiety is lurking around…

We are now coming to the end of one of the best times I can remember having with our kids.

We have cooked, sorted, cleaned, danced, swum, thomased, barbied, ponied, marioed & played our way through this break.

I have supported a handful of great friends who have been struggling this break with anxiety & havent been effect direcyly but infact enjoyed being able to be a support person for them, reminding myself each time my own practices.

Today I stopped ignoring the niggling feeling that has been sitting around my neck & on my chest for the last few days. I am very aware of this uneasy feeling that comes with anxiety. How it slowly tightens its grip the more you ignore it until one day it knocks you off your feet & says… So do you see me now!!

I am not sure why this is raising.. Or what is causing it but I do know that it has made me curious & that it is time to stop & RE GROUP ~ ME.

With our baby about to start school & the last of our baby years over this is the closing of a chapter.. HUGE.
At work we are about to move into & expand our business, double the size.. HUGE.
The juggle of school, work & motherhood is about to start for another year into full swing.. HUGE.

So next time I even for a second wonder about why I would feel overwhelmed as I have had a great break I will think again.

Time to knock this body back to idle for a bit. Stop the everything. Find my meditation back. Find my deep slow breaths. Find that going at a slower pace and in a more mindful way does acheive more.

Dont let these busy times of the new year start to wind you up tight before the first month even ends.

I will be spending the next few days enjoy my kids laughs, smiling as their dad tickles them till they cant speak, smiling at our daughter getting our son ready for school, feeling happy they will be going to school together & yet sad that they are growing up so fast.

I will enjoy my coffee quietly before others wake. I will remember deep breaths & plenty of water throughout the day. I will limit sugar & eat well.

Anxiety, welcome. You can visit anytime & I am happy to have you around. You make me remember what is so important to me with me, my family & life.


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