Mums Surviving Holidays

Summer holidays are long & hot. By the time the end of the year comes around everyone is frazzled and needing a break. With the added stress of Christmas now days away many of us Mums will try to squeeze way too much into our days & weeks with kids in tow.

Stop right there!! Unless you want to be at the top of the anxiety line, stressed out to the max you will need to change your tact.

As a Mum I am writting this post aimed at your survival. Here are my tips:

Most of us have routines that we follow to get from Monday to Friday while school is operating. Try and maintain a routine during school holidays aswell. Just because the kids are on holidays it doesnt mean the No Rules policy takes over.

To keep sane make sure each weekend you plan the week ahead. Discuss with the kids any household tasks that MUST get done as well as fun activities to do.

School holidays doesnt mean in the car out battling crowds every day. As a quick rule of thumb alternate out days and home days.

Plan activies.
Discuss together a list of activities to have fun doing. Making sure that it is mixed up a little, cooking, craft, picnic, playdate, movies. Activities that are free, cheaper & more expensive.

Remember also that school holidays does not mean unlimited funds keep within your budget. Set a limit per week as to what you have to spend and work with in that.

Know that your house will not be the only house over the next 6 weeks with kids fighting, loud noise and mothers at their wits end. Try and team up with other mums for a group playdate where the mums can chat. If you are game maybe even have someone elses children for a day in exchange for them to have yours another. This allows for a regroup of your self as this is important.

Know that to be in each others pockets 24/7 for 6 long, hot weeks is trying for all parties involved. Put in a little time to help your self survive. Make sure that you take 5 minutes every so often in the crazy mayhem to sit with a coffee and have quiet time your self.

It might be their school holidays but it is your sanity to protect.


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