Task 9 ~ Sorting out Christmas



Christmas in our house is ALWAYS packed up by the New Year. Whether it is right or wrong..in my mind I need to start the New Year with Christmas finished.. Not that it is bad luck just something I need to do.

This year Christmas wasnt a lot to pack away as we did it this year in a very minimal way.

I decided that I needed to sort all my ball, ornaments, tinsel & things into some kind of orderly way..

Having already thought about this years colours and buying balls half price after chrissy I have 1 bunch of decorations for upcoming years.. Another reason for the tidy up was that on Christmas Eve I had NO IDEA where any santa sacks were…. Now I have about 8!!!!

Here is what I did.
I put each colour in seperate boxes
Ie Red – contains ornaments & tinsel of this colour.
I put all lights in one box.
I have all wrapping, cards, tags & ribbons in one bag.
I have hats, ears & chrissy dress ups in another.
I have tablecloths, tea towels & santa sacks in another.

Christmas is now organised, sorted & things can be found & seen.

I also tossed out a bunch of crappy, not right, odd decorations that had been handed down to me.

How do you sort or store your Christmas??


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