Task 3 ~ Under your sink



I know my kitchen is still very new but I am still finding places & spots for things. Putting the right things in places and areas…

Well under my sink was a definate To Be Sorted area.

I knew what I wanted in there but it didnt have the finishing touches.

I have a double bin installed under there. At the moment I only use the first drawer but I am sure the back drawer will be used.

Cleaning products. Microfibre clothes. Dishwasher things. Gloves. Flyspray. I think that just about sums up under my sink.

Whats under your sink??


One thought on “Task 3 ~ Under your sink

  1. Under my sink is nearly identical – same bin! hehe. I often clean out the contents (mainly only sprays, and a small tray holding loose things, as I get a spurt of water coming out of the dishwasher part (since we took the hose off). So a lil bit of water damage in there. But I’ve just brought one big basket to hold the whole lot, to make it easier to clean.

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