Cooking 3 ~ Cheats pasta


Tonight was a simple 5 minute dinner.

Frozen pasta sauce from last times spares.
This was zapped in the microwave and used to top some Leggos beef ravioli. The kind you get from the cold section where the butter is…

Quick simple & wholesome & dinner is done & dusted.

Mine was topped with cheese cant help myself.

What was your dinner tonight. I would love some quick tasty meals, recipes or suggestions.


One thought on “Cooking 3 ~ Cheats pasta

    (or vegetarian as I call it to make myself feel better):

    500g bag of pasta (penne or spirals seem to go further)
    500g (or there abouts) jar of ‘Leggos’ Pasta sauce (I like the hidden veggies range)

    Cook pasta to your liking, drain and return to saucepan. Add jar of pasta sauce, stir through pasta. Heat over low heat until hot. Serve with favourite cheese on top.

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