1 Year Old

4 th January 2012 marks my first year of my blog & my page.

12 months ago I was not even sure why I set it up but knew that it would end up being a compilation from “stuff” out of my mind.

At that stage there was no order or neatness about any part of our home. We were about to start our first renovations..

We moved the study to a nook in the back room. The kids got their own rooms. Carpets were replaced in these rooms and the spare room. Walls & ceilings were painted. New curtains were put up. Laundry, bathroom & toilet were also painted including the vanity in laminate paint.

I was going to post a photo a day & write about it. Kind of Project Life style but that became too hard to techno me. Down loading photos is not where I shine.. I thought about making a recipe a day.. But at that stage my cooking was often given to the dogs & DH would rather cook so he knew it wouldnt kill him..

So I started putting lists together and sorting sections of the house. Before & After photos are very encouraging.. Slowly the house over the last year has regained order and less mayhem. My cooking has improved.

This year I hit a huge wall with anxiety & panic attacks. As part of my accepting of this I have shared openly my terrifying struggles through what was some of my hardest lessons ever. The endless support from those following has helped me know I will get there. I have then been very able to lend a ear or shoulder & support others.

I am not sure where 2012 will take me but I do know the following.

Doing small achieveable things is better than trying to take over Africa in a day.

Give your self time to do things rather than squeezing it in & be stressed out.

Dont compare your self or your actions to anyone else. What you are doing is right for you.

This year I am moving ME to the top of the list & taking a deep breath. What ever then comes after that is a bonus.


One thought on “1 Year Old

  1. so true, we all need to do the best we can, and not compare ourselves to others, here is to a wonderful year ahead for you, and congratulations on being blogging for a year, for some reason I thought i was much longer than that!

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