What Christmas means to ME


Over the years Christmas has changed for me in many many ways.

When I was little it was about family christmases & presents. Santa use to deliver. We would travel around eatting from house to house for several days. We were OUR family – MUM dad & us girls.

My teenage years it was about ignoring Christmas exsisted. It was dad & I. He normally worked & so takeaway was the most Christmassy it got.

In my 20’s I felt the loneliness of Christmas & feeling never quite accepted by others families. Friends families tried but they werent mine. Boy friends families tried but they werent mine.

These days my Christmas is complete. I have family. OUR family, my family & his family. There arent alot of us but we get together for great family fun. Christmas now has magic. We create memories. I have learnt the following this year.

1. Christmas doesnt have to be big & huge. It truely is the spirit of Christmas that rises and hugs us all when we stop trying.

2. Christmas is a family time filled with created memories. Our day in the kitchen will last forever in our minds. My mind. Our kids mind. My sisters mind & my nieces… Might be a new tradition..

3. We create our own stresses with Christmas. Lower your standards & your stress decreases also.

4. Presents dont have to be expensive, big or over the top… Just relevant & meaningful.

Thank you for all who have followed me in my last 12 months. It has been one of my hardest years ever. Very confronting. Extremely emotional. Sometimes raw.

Life never quite turns out as you think. This is not where I thought my page would be in 12 months but I would not change one part of its journey.

To everyone I wish you all a safe & fun Christmas. Take it easy. Remember your limits. Stop when the festivities get too much for you. Enjoy the moment.

Thanks love Chelle ~ xo


4 thoughts on “What Christmas means to ME

    • Thank you. Same back personally to you and yours. Some times these are exactly the changes we needed we just didnt realise at the time. Thanks for your support xo

  1. You said some very wise words there and here is a BIG thanks to you for sharing your good times and hard times and funny times and family times all throughout this year… Have enjoyed being a part of your journey and looking forward to the new year!

    Merry Christmas and Wishing You a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 2012 🙂

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