Christmas Wish List ~ Item 19


Today I would like the gift of TIME. This is a multi layered request so here goes.

Slow down time.
The years zip by way too fast. No sooner do we start in January with the blink of an eye it is October November December.. Even our babies – prep & grade 2, soon they will be onto high school.. So I would like the year to roll by at a more leisurely pace.

Spare time.
This hardly exists. We seem to be so busy these days aboard the roller coaster of life…

I didnt finish this post but have been thinking about it ALL day.

I have decided that it is not TIME I would like but a Pause Button..

To use to enjoy the moment.
To use when you need to regroup in a temper tantrum.
To use when on holidays.
To use when you need more sleep.
To use when you are running late.
To use when work gets bigger than expect.
To use when its time to go to make it last longer.
To use to have some quiet me time.
To use and pause those beautiful twilight skies.

A Pause button would be a great Christmas Wish List ~ Item 19 please santa


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