Chelles Summer of ’11









I am linking up with My Big Nutshell & sharing with you what summer means to me.
All about me. Not about the others in my family.. Here goes..

Summer Food.
Normally this would mean ~ Time to crank up the BBQ & eat outside… Well I have done that ENOUGH over the last 6 months.. So I think year it might mean experimenting with tropical salads. Using mango, chicken on the salad, crunchy noodle salad.

Summer Drinks
Spritzers ~ wine & soda
Vodka lime and soda
Slushie midori drinks with pineapple juice
Mojito with mint and lime

Summer Fun
Out on the reef on a calm summers day drinking champagne smelling the fresh sea smells & covered in sunblock.
Twilight trips to the beach for dinner. I hate the beach if I am not on the sea but the kids love this kind of thing and it is a great relax.
Lounging and playing in our pool with my sister. We can talk and drink for hrs in the pool in summer. It has even been know that we have forgotten dinner..

Summer Attire
Denim shorts
Singlet tops
Baggy short loose cool throw over dresses
Sunnies ~ every days is a sunnies day in the tropics but summies
Hat ~ might have to get a new fashionable summer hat
Light lipgloss
Waterproof mascara
Pony tails

Summer in the tropics is sticky and super humid. So while the sun still shines it can be bloody hot. Once the wet season really kicks in and the rain falls… 24/7 for days and days and days.. The attire still stays the same.

Summer Treats
Ice blocks as a number 1 list maker
Cold Lychees

Summer smells
The rain as it heads in with the wets seasons first rains.
The smell when the rain hits & the temperature drops.
Frangipani in flower.
Mango sap

This is Chelles Summer of ’11 ~ what is your summer??


One thought on “Chelles Summer of ’11

  1. I love your summer description Chelle!! Wondering where the infamous cheesecloth will make an appearance? ha!

    Ohhhhh that smell of the rain when it first hits! YES! How unqiue is that, you know you’re in Australia when you smell that smell!

    The sight, smell and taste of summer is so invigorating, even the sunblock can be exciting! You must have a hoot of a time with your sister, who needs dinner when you’ve got her!

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